Combi Oven Repairs and Servicing

In common with all commercial kitchen equipment, combi oven repairs are inevitably required from time-to-time. Even the most reliable brands of combi oven occasionally require repairs by a fully trained catering equipment engineer. To avoid unnecessary costs, it is not only good to know how you can avoid a combi oven repair, but also who to call if and when the worst happens.

Found in most commercial catering establishments, a combi oven is a three-in-one oven that allows chefs to cook with both dry and moist heat to achieve the best results for their menu. Combi ovens are becoming increasingly popular in a range of commercial catering settings due to their ease of use, consistency of results and speed of output. With the choice between cooking with steam, hot air, or a combination of the two, a combi oven is truly a chef’s best friend in the kitchen.

When would I need a combi oven repair?

There are a few reasons why your combi oven may require a specialist repair engineer to come out. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • The combi oven is not steaming
  • The power of the oven cuts out before the end of its scheduled cooking time
  • The oven is powered on but is not cooking food
  • The oven is not cooking at the correct temperature

Whilst these are all issues that would require a combi oven repair engineer to visit, there are some preventative measures you can take to maintain the efficacy of your appliance and ensure that these visits are few and far between.

Things you can do to avoid an emergency combi oven repair

Sometimes calling a combi oven repair specialist is unavoidable, however with regular servicing and simple maintenance you can greatly extend the life of your appliance. Planned preventative maintenance (link to previous post), in addition to regular cleaning can really make a difference in the efficiency of all your kitchen appliances, not just combi ovens!

Follow these tips to keep your combi oven in the best shape:

Cleaning your combi oven

It is essential that you clean your combi oven every day, the most important cleaning cycle is at the end of each cooking shift. If the appliance is not cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day the food residue and debris can build up and harden, making your combi oven unusable. 

Pay special attention to the door seals as these will require careful cleaning every day. Although they are designed to withstand strong heat and heavy usage, they still need to be cared for properly to be effective. The door seals are designed to keep heat in, but if they are damaged you could lose up to 50% of the heat from your oven, which will affect your cooking results.

Careful use

In the rush of a bustling commercial catering establishment, it is easy for chefs and kitchen staff to slam doors or not look after kitchen equipment in the right way. Slamming the door of any piece of kitchen equipment is a common cause of premature breakdown and often leads to the replacement of door hinges and gasket seals.

Switching off the equipment when it is not in use will also help keep your combi oven in the best shape. Staff training and frequent reminders of proper use can help to prolong the life of your kitchen equipment and prevent the need for a combi oven repair.

Water treatment

Limescale can be the cause of serious damage to your combi oven. It is fundamental to the efficiency of your oven that you carry out water treatment on a regular basis. A calcium treatment unit (CTU) will remove the limescale from your combi oven, protecting it from serious damage and preventing component failure.

combi oven repair

Rational Combi oven repairs and servicing with NCE

We all know about the negative impact on your business when your combi oven is out of service. Our priority is to keep your oven operational and limit the disruption to your kitchen and its staff. That’s why we make every combi oven repair call out our top priority. All our service and repair engineers are RATIONAL trained, meaning that we can provide servicing, maintenance and emergency repairs for:

  • CPC (Clima Plus) Combi Ovens
  • CM (Combi Master) Combi Ovens
  • SCC (Self Cooking Centre) Combi Ovens
  • SCC WE (Self Cooking Centre white efficiency) Combi Ovens
  • SCC 5 Senses (The Latest Generation of Rational) Combi Ovens

So, if your commercial kitchen already contains any of these top-quality cooking appliances, or if you’re considering investing in new RATIONAL catering equipment, Northern Catering is here to help. With our team of trained service engineers, you can rest assured that your cookware will receive only the best service, helping it to work efficiently and last for many years. Call us on 0113 808 7770 for your combi oven repair service today.

Other brands of combi oven repair and servicing with NCE

Our team of expert engineers have experience in servicing and repairing all brands and models of combi ovens. Whatever your issue, whether its a planned preventative maintenance visit or an emergency combi oven repair call out, our team are happy to help.