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Having a regular catering equipment cleaning and maintenance plan in place is crucial as it allows you to take care of your equipment on a regular basis and help to prevent any unnecessary breakdowns or faults in the future.

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Planned Canopy Cleaning

We know how damaging it can be when a key piece of kitchen equipment fails, which is why we stop the failure of equipment before it happens and prolong the life of your commercial equipment.

Our preventative canopy cleaning plan assures our clients that they will not experience equipment breakdowns or failures again and by choosing Northern Catering, you will minimize the downtime caused if any catering equipment issues do occur.

BESA Standards

At NCE we specialise in getting the job done properly, from maintenance and repairs to specialist commercial cleaning. If your ducts, fans, filters and canopies are functioning correctly they will be removing all excess grease and fat deposits from your workspace, which would otherwise build up over time. This means that all of that waste will then be building up in your ventilation systems, requiring them to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

If your canopies are left unattended they will cause multiple problems for your kitchen.

  • Risk of Fire - When fat and grease builds up it will become a major fire hazard that could ignite at any time and cause irreparable damage.
  • Hygiene Issues If mismanaged, grease will build up above stoves and cooking surfaces causing serious contamination and bacteria build-up.

The BESA industry standard is the 'TR 19 Guide to Good Practice', find out more about it using the button below.

The BESCA Scheme

In a hospitality environment, it is essential for every appliance to be as clean as possible to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike. The BESCA Vent Hygiene Elite Scheme allows businesses to self certify their hygiene to the required TR19® Industry Specification.


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