Benefits of Planned Preventive Maintenance

Like any piece of equipment, if your catering equipment is looked after and regularly serviced, not only will you get the best performance out of it, but it will also undoubtedly last longer too! You wouldn’t buy a car and not have it serviced, would you? The same goes for commercial kitchen equipment.

Be it, a combi oven, fryer, glass or dishwasher, refrigeration – all need to be used properly and cared for frequently in order for them to continue operating efficiently, and for you get a better return on your investment.

Having a commercial kitchen maintenance plan in place means you can relax in the knowledge that any lurking problems with your equipment will be caught and fixed early. This will help prevent any breakdowns in the future. And we understand that any downtime suffered by your equipment has operational and financial implications on your business.

Benefits of planned preventative maintenance

As the name suggests, planned maintenance can help prevent problems with your commercial kitchen equipment, or at the very least, discover a potential fault early.

Maintaining the performance of equipment

Early detection of equipment failure is key to the performance of your professional kitchen equipment. If your fryer is on the blink, or your dishwasher is unreliable, that spells trouble for your entire foodservice operation. Regular servicing will ensure these issues are picked up, and ultimately avoided, saving you both time and money.

Extending the life of your catering equipment

With regular maintenance and the proper care, you can prolong the life of your equipment. Identifying issues before they become fully blown failures will not only prevent the chances of equipment breakdown in the first place, but also save you the time, money, and stress of sourcing a new or replacement piece of kit. The longevity of your commercial equipment ultimately affects your bottom-line; a spare part and/or repair is a much cheaper option than forking out for new commercial kitchenware!

Prevent downtime and disappointed customers

Whatever your foodservice business, you cannot operate with broken equipment. Be it a restaurant kitchen, workplace catering facility, a school or hospital canteen, whatever the setting, customers, staff, pupils and patients rely on your operation to feed them, day in, day out. Downtown means loss of business, loss of money and possibly reputation. Protect your business and eliminate this risk with planned preventative maintenance.

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance – Better ROI

We understand professional catering equipment is a serious investment. It’s vital that such a big asset delivers a return on investment. Planned preventative maintenance is key to achieving this. The longer your equipment lasts, the better your ROI. It’s that simple. And with multiple high-value pieces of equipment used in a commercial kitchen setting, regular servicing of all these elements is even more vital.

At Northern Catering Equipment Ltd we offer tailored planned preventative maintenance packages to suit your business needs. We recognise that you depend on your commercial kitchen equipment. We want to ensure its performance, save you time, money and stress and allow you to just get on with running your food service business.

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