Pitco: Making chef’s lives easier around the world

Or put in a more technical way – the Pitco 35C+S vs SG14: Which one should I buy?

Pitco is an American brand well-known for their industry-leading commercial fryers. Their engineering team has revolutionised the way we fry our food, making chef’s lives easier around the world. With their cutting-edge technology and comprehensive warranty schemes, it’s no surprise that they are relied upon by so many hard pressed chefs in the food service industry.

Pitco 35C+S – Pros

One of the most popular fryers from the Pitco range is the 35C+S which is both reliable and affordable. This commercial, free-standing, single pot fryer usually runs on natural gas, however there is a liquid propane option too, making it a great choice for food stalls and other remote cooking operations.  

Ideal for use in smaller commercial kitchens, the Pitco 35C+S fryer consists of a stainless-steel cabinet with galvanised sides, making it strong and durable for daily use. As most of its components (such as the frying basket it comes with) are also made from steel, you needn’t worry about corrosion. Its lightweight and relatively compact build also contributes to its suitability for smaller commercial catering facilities. There is also an option to add caster wheels to enable you to move this fryer from place to place as and when needed.

Pitco 35C+S
Pitco 35C+S

Lower Energy Consumption – Better for you, better for the environment

Unlike other fryers in the range, the Pitco 35C+S uses tube-heating technology to build and maintain its oil temperature. Heat is transferred directly to the oil in the tank from a set of three integrated tubes that heat up to the desired temperature. Thanks to the brand’s millivolt thermostat, this process is fast, efficient and precise. Another important benefit of this model’s tube-heating technology is its lower energy consumption of around 90,000 BTUs per hour, opposed to others on the market that can use up to 200,000. Better for you, better for the environment.

Pitco 35C+S – Cons

Having said this, there are some drawbacks with a tube-heating system. Whilst it is ideal for many types of fried foods, it uses a much larger consumption of oil and can be more difficult to clean. It is also worth noting that this style of fryer does require more frequent cleaning than some of its counterparts. Whilst all kitchen appliances benefit from regular cleaning and planned maintenance, the 35C+S may require additional attention, taking your staff away from their food service and preparation duties. Another downside to the Pitco 35C+S is its smaller capacity. This model can only hold around 15KG of frying oil capacity at one time, ideal for smaller catering facilities but less suitable for larger kitchens.

Enter the Pitco SG14.

Pitco SG14 – Pros

Although visually similar, the SG14 is a popular and slightly larger fryer from the Pitco collection. It boasts a larger frying oil capacity (27kG) and two separate frying baskets, meaning you can prepare two separate batches of fried food simultaneously, unlike with the 35C+S. Similarly, to the 35C+S this model is also a floor fryer with the option to add on caster wheels for easy movement around your kitchen.

The user-friendly features of this model do not stop at twin frying baskets. The SG14 is started by a straightforward ignition process that is conveniently facilitated by its Solstice burner technology which provides an improved gas-air combination. This style of burner does not require any additional blowers or ceramics, allowing it to be easily mastered by all, including total beginners. Its atmospheric heating system allows for fast responses and minimal recovery times. This, along with its safety shut-off switch, means you can be assured that the Pitco SG14 is one of the most user-friendly fryers for a busy chef.

Pitco SG14
Pitco SG14

With its patented self-cleaning technology, this fryer was truly built with its operator in mind. The addition of a handy drain valve that can quickly drain away the used oil also contributes to easy cleaning. Whilst these features can make this model a more expensive option than others, we think that the benefits outweigh the cost.

Although the Pitco SG14 operates at a slightly higher consumption rate than the 35C+S (110,000 BTU per hour) the result is faster response times and increased cooking efficiency.

Having won several “Best in Class” awards as voted by its operators, the online reviews of this product also highlight its efficiency and durability. Some of the reviewers reported having had their Pitco SG14 for over 10 years without any failures!

So which one do I need?

Whilst the Pitco 35C+S is a great choice for smaller kitchens or those who offer limited fried food items on their menu, the SG14 model is superior in its ease-of-use, oil capacity and ability to cook two separate batches of food simultaneously. If you run a larger establishment and value efficiency and easy cleaning, the Pitco SG14 is the one for you.

Still unsure of your decision? Please get in touch with our team of commercial catering equipment experts who will be more than happy to advise you on the correct fryer for your commercial kitchen.