Warewashing Equipment for Commercial Kitchens

There are various options when it comes to warewashing equipment for commercial kitchens. The oven may seem like the obvious star of the kitchen, but no kitchen would run smoothly without its dish, pot and glasswashing facilities. Using the right warewashing equipment in your restaurant, bar or commercial catering establishment is just as essential as choosing the right oven to cook with.

The choice comes down to one (or more!) of three basic types of warewashers: Dishwasher, Glasswasher or Pot Washer. But what’s the difference between all of these three types?

What are the different warewashing equipment options?

Typically, glasswashers are designed, as the name suggests, to just wash glassware whereas dishwashers are suitable for a wider variety of different crockery and kitchenware. However, as dishwashers usually clean at a higher temperature, using them for glassware could result in damage and breakages to these more delicate items. This also goes for pot and pan washers, also known as utensil washers. A utensil washer is ideal for your more heavy-duty kitchenware such as skillets and saucepans and so on, but would not be suitable for more delicate items like plates and glasses. Some establishments may even benefit from a larger conveyor dishwasher. These types of warewashing machines can be especially useful at peak times in busy restaurants due to their high-volume capacity and ease of use. Surprisingly, they are also an economical choice for your kitchen – win-win!

Why do I need a dishwasher?

Although they may not offer as fast a turnaround as a glasswasher or a pot and pan washer, dishwashers are a great option for your kitchen as they allow you to wash crockery and cutlery together – which may save time elsewhere. Dishwashers operate at a higher temperature to aid in the removal of greasy residue and tough stains. This is often too harsh for delicate glassware such as wine glasses and could result in breakages.

Why do I need a glasswasher?

Unlike dishwashers, glasswashers offer more gentle cleaning – perfect for delicate wine glasses! To accommodate busy pub and bar environments, glasswashers have faster wash cycles and are usually more compact to fit in convenient spaces. With specifically aligned water jets and a lower rinse temperature, these purpose-built machines will ensure a squeaky-clean glass every time whilst protecting and maximising the life of your glassware.

Why do I need a utensil washer?

Utensil washers are typically larger than commercial dishwashers to accommodate cookware of all shapes and sizes. This also means that they are able to clean and sanitise pots and pans in bulk, saving your kitchen staff valuable time. A standard sized utensil washer can wash up to 300 pans per hour with cycles as quick as two minutes making this an ultra-efficient choice for your large commercial kitchen.

So which ware-washing facility is best for me?

Many commercial kitchens require all three of these machines, whereas smaller establishments may only need one or two to be most efficient.  If you’re still unsure and need further guidance on the most suitable warewashing equipment for your restaurant, bar or catering facility please get in touch with our team of hospitality engineering and service specialists who will be more than happy to advise you on the type, model and size of machine that suits your business operation the best.

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