3 signs that it is time for a commercial dishwasher service

commercial dishwasher service

If the oven is the heart of the kitchen, the dishwashing equipment is most certainly the backbone. This is even more prevalent in commercial kitchens where appliances are worked harder than in domestic settings. The constant use of any appliance is sure to take a toll on its efficiency and commercial dishwashers are no exception…

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5 Tips for saving energy in commercial kitchens

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s easily missed! Switching off all your lights and appliances (that can be turned off)at the end of each shift and especially over any holidays is key to saving energy in commercial kitchens.

With energy prices on the rise and the general increase in the cost of living, we are all looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption and save money – especially commercial catering establishments. A study in the International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies highlighted that 45% to 70% of wasted energy in commercial kitchens is…

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Why Commercial Canopy Cleaning is Important

Commercial canopy cleaning with NCE

We are all familiar with the disruption caused when a key piece of your commercial kitchen equipment fails. With many appliances, this is simply an operational annoyance, however, when it comes to safety features such as your kitchen canopy, the proper functionality of it is essential to the safe running of your kitchen, as well…

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5 ways to keep your commercial kitchen cool

commercial kitchen

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, or in this case, equip it so that you can. During the summertime it is essential that anyone who owns or works in a commercial catering facility knows how best to prepare their kitchen for the heat. Commercial kitchen equipment such as stoves and…

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Pitco: Making chef’s lives easier around the world

Pitco - NCE - Commercial Catering Equipment Designers, Supplier, Installers and Service Agents

Or put in a more technical way – the Pitco 35C+S vs SG14: Which one should I buy? Pitco is an American brand well-known for their industry-leading commercial fryers. Their engineering team has revolutionised the way we fry our food, making chef’s lives easier around the world. With their cutting-edge technology and comprehensive warranty schemes,…

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The Importance of Gas Interlock Systems in a Commercial Kitchen

Gas safety - NCE - Commercial Catering Equipment Designers, Supplier, Installers and Service Agents

Gas interlock systems, or gas safety interlock systems, are an essential Gas Safe device for any commercial kitchen and in almost all installations are either mandatory or strongly recommended. These devices are designed to provide a failsafe system that aids in the maintenance of kitchen safety and accident prevention. The Interlock device works on a…

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5 Types of Commercial Grill

commercial grill

As British BBQ Week comes to an end, it is clear that despite our weather limitations, the British public really do love a good barbecue. Whether eating at home or in a restaurant, there is no denying the unique and delicious flavour the grill gives your meal. Many restaurants are renowned for using a commercial…

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Warewashing Equipment for Commercial Kitchens

nathan dumlao mAWTLZIjI8k unsplash scaled e16522845707491 - NCE - Commercial Catering Equipment Designers, Supplier, Installers and Service Agents

There are various options when it comes to warewashing equipment for commercial kitchens. The oven may seem like the obvious star of the kitchen, but no kitchen would run smoothly without its dish, pot and glasswashing facilities. Using the right warewashing equipment in your restaurant, bar or commercial catering establishment is just as essential as…

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Catering Equipment Maintenance: Keeping Your Kitchen Safe

Commercial Kitchen Equipment 1 scaled1 - NCE - Commercial Catering Equipment Designers, Supplier, Installers and Service Agents

Why is catering equipment maintenance important? In our last blog we spoke about the benefits of Planned Preventative Maintenance. Whilst we feel we touched on the main advantages of the proactive upkeep of commercial kitchen equipment, it was by no means an exhaustive list. As we start to delve into individual pieces of equipment and…

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